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Learn how to create your own location independent economy!

Here’s how the lifestyle is represented:

Remotepreneurs are location independent entrepreneurs like:

Digital Nomads

Here’s what you can expect to learn from the podcast:

Callum McVickers talks about building a systems in life

To make the switch to remote working and enjoy the lifestyle you’ll need to develop your skills and build sustainable income. That’s why my welcoming gift are the sales strategies that helped me develop my multiple location independent incomes…

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Remote Sales Startegies

Close more deals remotely!
  • Close more deals while you are traveling
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After 5 years working remotely I’ve became top rated on Upwork and level 2 seller on Fiverr in the Sales category. I developed 4 sources of income that are backed up with 2-3 mini flows and all of them are remote and location independent. The main thing that helped me achieve that is sales skills!

I’ve compiled the 3x main strategies that helped me achieve all of this in a short cheat sheet.

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