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Steps To An Effective Remote Management System with Mads Singers | Ep.39

Filip Stankovski April 20, 2020

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Running a successful business requires a good understanding of people and personalities, getting the right people on board in your business building journey and an ability to delegate to and grow your staff effectively.

On today’s podcast we were honored to have Mads Singers as our guest speaker. A management whizz, who has worked with giants like Shell and Coca-Cola, has a new objective in his business journey and that’s coaching proper effective management. No matter what size your business is, you can build an amazing company with awesome people.

Mads says that the problem with managing your teams lies in your management model. Let’s break down the solutions for better management by reading below.

Remotrepreneur’s Insights

  • Work Less Do More – Mads says the problem sometimes with entrepreneurs is the amount of hours they put in. It doesn’t mean that you’re doing the right things if you’re working more hours.
  • Give Power to Your Teams – The best way to remove yourself from micromanaging big, even small, teams of people is to give them more responsibility and ownership. Mads gives his insight on his technique on managing remote teams.
  • Do Weekly Check-ins – Weekly check-in only with the person who reports to you directly is crucial when it comes to proper management. 

A lot of people think that the VA is the solution for everything and it’s not. What I’m very conscious with, when you’re looking to hire staff, you really want to figure out what you need. Sometimes it makes more sense to hire someone from where you are locally, sometimes it makes sense to hire someone from a different country. Fundamentally, what you want to do is sit down and be clear on what your business and what needs to be done.

Key Podcast Milestone:

01:55 – Mads’ background

03:55 – Mads’ recommendation on finding the right staff

10:54 – The importance of giving ownership to employees

19:34 – Mads’ technique for best practices & processes

23:23 – Mads’ advice on handling complex processes

27:45 – How to let go of control and not to be afraid of other people handling your business

32:55 – Mads’ advice for delegation

34:49 – Tips on managing teams remotely

37:10 – What kind of service Mads’ outsourcing offers

41:19 – How can you find Mads’ company & his courses

Top Key Quotes

“Unfortunately, all these famous people, like Gary V, keep saying ‘Hustle, Hustle’. The thing is if you’re working on the right things, working a lot of hours make sense”

“The biggest problem most business owners have is that they delegate tasks, instead of delegating responsibility. The difference is significant. What happens is, when you delegate tasks, a task goes down to an employee, it comes right back up to you. You can definitely do more with your employees but end up working, instead of 40 hours, 50, 60, 70 hours to keep all of your employees busy and to actually approve or work with all the inputs they have. You have to give people ownership instead of a task.”

“Business is like a pyramid. In the beginning, it’s a tiny pyramid, only you. When it’s only you, average salary is what the company makes a month and the amount of hours you work. As your company grows, the more people you hire, the way you increase their value is increasing the value of your hours.”

“You should always do weekly 1 to 1 sessions with anyone who reports directly to you. What that basically entitles is 30 minute session when you sit down, every single week, with every employee who reports directly to you and you actually talk to them.”


https://www.madssingers.com/ – Mads’ website where you can find his courses and podcasts

Aristosourcing – Mads’ outsourcing agency


Mads Singers -Guest 

Remotepreneurs -Host

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Filip Stankovski

I'm a top rated sales freelancer on Upwork and Level 2 Seller on Fiverr. I believe that the new entrepreneurs are remotepreneurs and the purpose of the podcast is to teach people how to adjust to the new future of doing business - REMOTELY!

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