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Staying Productive When You Have Severe ADHD Without Medication with Freddy Lansky | Ep. 30

Filip Stankovski February 17, 2020

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Freddy Lansky, the owner of Points Panda and co-founder of iChess, is a guest on our podcast today to talk about his successful endeavors and how he managed to stay on track with discipline.Freddy, like all of us, struggled to stay disciplined. He found himself into the vortex of staying up late, eating unhealthy, and vices.Distraction was one of his biggest vices, and a lot of opportunities were wasted because of them.

After trying a few methods, Freddy found something that really works for him.

Freddy says there are so many great apps you use to help you block out all distractions in your life. You don’t have to be so disciplined that you start to go crazy about having a slice of pizza or cookie.Everything can be done in moderation. Also, keeping track of how many hours you sleep, which apps you spend the most time on, and what you eat can be helpful to you.That way, you know what to improve in your life. You need to set yourself up to success by blocking apps and staying away from social media as possible.Freddy gives tips on how to start your mornings better and how our phones impact on our health.

I know everybody can relate to the fact that apps are taking away most of our time, and staying away is difficult.

If you want to know how to do that, keep on reading…

Remotrepreneur’s Insights:

  • Eliminating Distractions: Companies spend billions of dollars just to get our attention. The power lies in us. Freddy talks about how to ‘discipline’ yourself to stay focused on what really matters.
  • The Restriction of Willpower: Freddy gives his thoughts on willpower and how they might not work for everyone.
  • Setting Yourself Up for Success: Freddy talks about how to achieve success as your only option
  • Getting Rid of Bad Habits: Any bad habit can be eliminated if you stay focused. Freddy talks about how important it is to indulge into your vices in moderation and not avoiding them all the time.

“Will power is BS in general. It ranges from doesn’t work at all to kinda works.”

Key Podcast Milestone:

02:17 – How Freddy dealt with bad habits
05:46 – Freddy’s thoughts on will power
09:44 – Tips for people having trouble going asleep earlier
11:56 – Freddy’s go-to app for managing his bad habits
23:39 – How did Freddy use his dog’s diet discipline as a way of creating good habits
30:26 – Freddy talks about apps to track your screen time and how much time you spend a day on apps
37:16 – How did tracking change Freddy’s life
40:10 – Freddy’s advice on taking the first step to change your habits
42:51 – Tips on getting up in the morning
50:32 – How is Freddy using his time to build

Top Key Quotes

“Will power is BS in general. It ranges from doesn’t work at all to kinda works.”

“I think the strategy beyond having tracking and having a coach is really good isn’t getting rid of all the bad urges, to eat the cookie, to drink, to stay up late, is to find ways to make where it’s not even an option anymore

“My dog had a 100% chance of going through his diet because that’s all he had. I make it for myself so that I can’t fail”

“Adding friction to bad habits and adding rewards to good habits.”

Enjoy your vices. Vices are meant to be enjoyed in moderation.”



Points Panda






Waking Up with Sam Harris




Deep Work – Cal Newport



Chris Reynolds

Freddy Lansky @streetcredfred


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