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Using Linkedin As Sales Funnel with Michael Thompson | Ep.43

Filip Stankovski May 18, 2020

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LinkedIn is one of the most underrated B2B platforms there is. Business owners tend to spend time and money in creating websites and driving traffic to them but they often forget the one platform that can be a great opportunity for growing their business. Initially built as an employment platform, LinkedIn has proved itself as an established marketing platform.

Michael Thompson is the LinkedIn Mastermind who managed to power through the big competition thanks to his elaborate profile optimizing and outreach messaging that is currently used by dozens of businesses.

He is a remotepreneur that’s been running online businesses for almost a decade. 3 years ago he sold his business (customessay.com) for $500k, and then started a new business. He started a book writing company for entrepreneurs, and that turned into coaching.

Remotrepreneur’s Insights

  • Don’t Rely too Much on The System-The system you want to implement might work because it worked for somebody else but it won’t be successful unless you hustle hard.
  • Set Up a LinkedIn Funnel– Michael says that the funnel you’re going to use will lead to an outcome. Always strive to guide your customer/listener to the action you want them to take.
  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile-Every section of your LinkedIn profile is important, the tagline, about me and experience section. Optimization is crucial when it comes to developing a successful LinkedIn profile. Before you do, you need to answer a few questions about what you are offering, Michael reveals them on the podcast.

“The first thing you can really do is before you optimize your profile is you really need to think about what it is that you do. Depending on what you do, if you’re a business coach, ask yourself what kind of business coach are you? Who are the people that you help? What is the problem that you solve? What is the solution you offer?”

Key Podcast Milestone:

02:14 – Michael’s background

10:15 – Why you should use Linkedin to grow your business

12:18 – Michael’s advice on creating a Linkedin strategy

21:55 – How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to get more views

26:07 – The next step after optimizing your LinkedIn profile

31:30 – How long would it take to manage your LinkedIn profile

32:51 – How does Michael help his clients?

34:39 – How can you find Michael?

35:35 – Whether you should do content on LinkedIn and how to do it?

Top Key Quotes

“You need to be able to do the work. If you want to hire Michael Jordan, as a responsible coach, should say to you ‘Now, look… You’re going to hire me but you’re not going to get result unless you work as hard as I do’. Doesn’t matter what course you buy, no matter what coach you hire, they are not a magic pill. You still have to take what you learn from them, implement the systems and put it into work.”

“When you are running any business, what you want to do is you want to implement a proven system. Whether it’s Michael Jordan, for example, you want to follow the systems he used. It’s important to model what you’re doing after somebody who has already done it.”

“If you are in the B2B space, if you have B2B product or service, that’s why you should be on LinkedIn oppose to those other platforms. What you do there it’s up to you.”

“What you want to do on Linkedin is in two phases. No.1 is set it up like a funnel. The funnel leads to an outcome. It’s no matter what you’re doing, whether you have a store in the mall or you have a podcast, you want your listeners/customers to take action. If you have a LinkedIn account and someone is on it, what do you want them to do?”

“If you really want to get successful on LinkedIn, you have to put together a strategic outreach strategy that you can run and hustle.”



LinkedSalesPros Website to Michael’s coaching strategies

Michael Thompson 



Tim Ferris

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Filip Stankovski

I'm a top rated sales freelancer on Upwork and Level 2 Seller on Fiverr. I believe that the new entrepreneurs are remotepreneurs and the purpose of the podcast is to teach people how to adjust to the new future of doing business - REMOTELY!

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