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Digital Nomads

Branding & Marketing For Digital Nomads with Tasha Prados | Ep.28

Filip Stankovski February 3, 2020

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In this episode of Remotepreneurs Podcast, Filip Will introduced the fellow guest speaker of DNS Summit 2020, Tasha Prados, and her company, Duraca Strategic, which helps small businesses achieve their business goals through branding and marketing strategies.

Tasha has been a multicultural strategist for a decade and has worked on high profile projects around the world. Tasha has so far carved a niche for herself in the aspect of growing new businesses using the strategies she learned while working for larger companies.

Tasha walked us through how we can achieve business success. She shared what you need to prepare before starting your own business, especially as a digital nomad.

Another topic we’ve discussed is the need to understand, respect, and be culturally sensitive while traveling.

If you are interested in building an international business as a digital nomad, this episode is just the right material to listen…

Remotepreneur’s Insights:

  • The drive to begin a Digital Nomad lifestyle
  • How the acquired knowledge from bigger clients helps develop smaller businesses
  • Travelers should be responsible, respectful and culturally sensitive
  • How Branding works
  • What does remotepreneur stand for?
  • The importance of providing value that will guarantee a long-term client

“Branding and Marketing is both an art and a science”

Key Podcast Milestones:

[00:35] Introduction with Tasha

[03:05] How Duraka came about

[04:25] Helping smaller business on communication management

[10:18] Shanghai, a business-oriented place

[11:00] The future of digital nomads in view

[16:58] What is your personal business experience?

[21:30] Digital nomad preparation

[20:50] Business preparation

[23:02] Lifestyle preparation

[31:00] Web branding stages

[34:14] Similarity between Branding and Marketing

[36:08] Ideas behind Remotepreneurs

[38:16] Marketing, a strategy to get people’s attention

[41:39] Steps of marketing

[42:56] What to expect in DNS summit

[46:07] What are your 2020 plans?

Top Key Quotes

“Ask yourself, ‘What truly do you want? Are you living in alignment with that? Do you want to leave this planet with your gifts inside you? Are you ready to take some action?”

“My entrepreneurship is like a bamboo tree. You constantly water it for 5 years, and then you see the results”

“The system trains us to become batteries”

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear


Books and Resources

Digital Nomad Summit in Bali 2020

Duraca Strategic


Rotary Club

US Peace Corps

US National Institute of Health






Public Relation Award

American Advertisement Association Award


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IG: @remotepreneurs


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Filip Stankovski

I'm a top rated sales freelancer on Upwork and Level 2 Seller on Fiverr. I believe that the new entrepreneurs are remotepreneurs and the purpose of the podcast is to teach people how to adjust to the new future of doing business - REMOTELY!

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