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Digital Nomads

Nomads Giving Back To The World with Tarek Kholoussy | Ep.42

Filip Stankovski May 11, 2020

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It’s important to give back to countries and people that you visit as a digital entrepreneur because as you travel across countries, the people you meet inspire you to become a better person. Help is needed in every corner of the world because poverty and other social issues are very much present in almost every country you will probably meet.

To speak on this topic of giving back as a digital nomad, we invited Tarek Kholoussy as a guest on our podcast.

Tarek is a social entrepreneur with MBA from NY University. He comes to the corporate world and worked with world-leading healthcare and financial services organizations such as Goldman Sachs in New York and London.

Throughout his journey, Tarek chased three big dreams to reach before his 40th birthday: to explore 100 countries to fuel his soul, run 25 marathons to challenge his body, and to create a social enterprise to expand his mind as well as his heart.

Remotrepreneur’s Insights

  • Find Your Inspiration – Inspiration can be used as a tool to give back and you should find yours in every shape and form. It’s important because inspiration can be addictive because of that it makes you become a better person.
  • Save Up – If you want to travel the world and countries in need you need money, not a lot of it but still it comes with a cost. Tarek managed to go from spending a corporate salary to saving money in order to go backpacking and helping people in need.
  • Embrace Change – Change can be hard but it doesn’t have to be if you change your perspective. Start embracing change and see how changes can benefit you in a positive way.
  • Kill Your Comfort Zone – You can get too comfortable in the place you are right now. You won’t get far if you start doing things that even scare you in some instance. That’s why it’s important to move forward!

Change is hard, change is also fascinating. I feel like it’s a cliché saying but I couldn’t agree more that life happens outside your comfort zone. That’s where the growth happens. I really challenged myself in various ways.”

Key Podcast Milestone:

03:20 – How Tarek became a digital nomad

07:32 – What made Tarek switch to a digital nomad lifestyle

15:09 – How Tarek planned his journey to digital entrepreneurship 

18:14 – How Tarek fought the urge to spend and managed to save for backpacking

23:16 – What inspired Tarek to start giving back to the countries he visited

31:35 – Tarek’s thoughts on building a network with other charity groups

40:28 – How can you connect with Tarek’s social enterprise 

Top Key Quotes

“When I started to realize that I wasn’t aligned with how I was living my life I decided to take care and cultivate that craving of change in two ways. One is – feed the inspiration with more inspiration. I decided to create my own little inspiration boot camp where I tended the TED talk remotely, I would watch the whole thing in real time from my apartment on my flat screen. Then I made a list of books about how to become happy and how to make a difference in the world. I decided to filter out things that would normally discourage me. I would reduce the amount of time on people that weren’t so supportive of this kind of thing.”

“In terms of planning sustainability, I just saved up my money, invested it and decided to reduce my spending drastically. “

“I really believe that you need to inspire yourself first. But once you do and you start to help others then in turn that inspires you to be better”



https://wNomads Giving Backww.nomadsgivingback.com/ – Tarek’s social enterprise


Tarek Kholoussy

NGB’s Facebook page


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