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Leveraging The Immigrant Mentality For Global Success – Adam Nasir | Ep. 21

Filip Stankovski November 4, 2019

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As an 8-year old Moroccan immigrant to the United States, Adam Nasir had big dreams of traveling the world. Unfortunately, he faced tough road to reach them. He didn’t speak English (only French and Arabic), and was a small kid who was bullied while growing up in Brooklyn. He was also a student with a 2.0 GPA who liked to play around in school more than getting good grades.

Yet, Adam didn’t just make it as an entrepreneur. He hit overdrive.

Adam became the owner of two remote 7-figure businesses that is moving him closer than ever to his childhood dream of becoming a world-traveling entrepreneur!

In this episode, Adam shares how he became a remotrepreneur with multiple business and how he is using both businesses to leverage changes in the real estate industry.

Remotepreneur’s Insights:

  • The immigrant experience from a child’s point of view
  • Using both good and bad experiences in your life as learning moments
  • Having realistic expectations about starting a business
  • Starting a business without a mentor
  • How Adam dived into real estate with just $50 in his bank account
  • How Adam scaled his real estate business into a remote empire
  • Building the right systems for your remote business
  • Paying it forward: How Adam took a chance on a homeless man… and it paid off BIG
  • Getting rewards as an entrepreneur besides the money
  • How Adam built a second 7-figure remote business

The two biggest things in any business are your systems and your people.

Key Podcast Milestones:

[2:00] Why did you and your family emigrate from Morocco?

[3:05] How did you deal with the cultural and language shock of moving to the United States?

[6:02] When did you become an entrepreneur? What was the experience like?

[10:49] Getting into real estate…the wrong way

[12:29] What is wholesaling?

[15:54] Scaling a remote real estate business

[17:13] Tools for scaling your business

[19:27] How did you find people for your remote business?

[22:54] The story of the homeless man who turned $5 into a $5,000 check from Adam

[27:54] Building the second company

[33:12] What are the US regulations in the using text messaging as a marketing tool?

[35:18] What is your vision for the future of your business… and for your life?

[48:21] What challenges are you currently facing?


 Top Key Quotes

“As I got older I start to love and appreciate my culture and who I am.” (4:13)

“I use everything in my past, good and bad as something that serves me.” (5:12)

“I use the metaphor all the time, ‘The further you pull a pendulum back, the further it goes in the opposite direction” (5:47)

“Honestly, I thought I was going to be a millionaire by the time I was 23, 24, or 25, but it took me longer” (7:01)

“I had 26 different properties I was fixing up at the same time in 12 different states.” (14:33)

“The two biggest things in any business are your systems and your people.” (15:57)

“Attention is everything!” (32:17)

“If people have good energy, then it’s going to reflect on you!” (42:38)


The Smarter Contact

Adam Nasir on Instagram (@flipping_tampa)

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Don’t forget to get even more great episodes and resources to help you break out of the Matrix and grow your own remote empire at the Remotepreneurs website.

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I'm a top rated sales freelancer on Upwork and Level 2 Seller on Fiverr. I believe that the new entrepreneurs are remotepreneurs and the purpose of the podcast is to teach people how to adjust to the new future of doing business - REMOTELY!

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