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Learn How To Sell On Amazon With Beau Carbill | Ep. 48

Filip Stankovski June 22, 2020

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Amazon businesses are booming right now since most of the world is stuck at home and people don’t have luxury of being physically in stores that often. Now, more than ever, is the time to build your Amazon business. You can’t just open up a store. You have to learn how to manage it by managing your time wisely in the right direction.

To teach you how to do that, we brought one of the best Amazon teachers. Beau Crabill is an Amazon Seller & educator in the Amazon space.

He got started off on eBay at the age of 12 selling customized socks online. At age 15 he started with Amazon. Got suspended on Amazon for doing business models that were allowed on eBay but not on Amazon.

He kept growing his amazon & eBay business. In 2017 he graduated high school and got a track scholarship to Pepperdine University. Beau started a YouTube channel in 2017 to educate people on how to actually sell on Amazon.

Went to Pepperdine for 5 days, left, and fast forward 7 months hit $1,000,000 in his business.

Remotrepreneur’s Insights

  • Spend Time Wisely – People spend a big portion of their day not being aware that what they’re investing is not getting their ROI. That’s why it’s important to even spend less time on things that are going to bring value.
  • Give Yourself Time – Test what you’re doing to see if it’s worth pursuing. Give yourself a long period of time even a year if you have to.
  • Self-reflect – Take some to realize what your long-term goals are. Running and building a business can be easier if you have goals to aspire to.

“I think people spend a lot of time thinking on themselves, what is their long-term goal or the impact they are trying to make. Before starting it or before pursuing a lot of action, try to pick apart and see what could go wrong, not in a negative way but try to prove yourself that you’re not the smartest person in the room.”

Key Podcast Milestones

03:48 – What inspired Beau to become an entrepreneur

06:02 – Beau’s first attempt at business

11:00 – Beau’s advice on keep on hustling even if you don’t get instant gratification

13:30 – What to do if your business model doesn’t work

15:45 – Is Beau a ‘one-man show’?

20:00 – When it’s the right time to outsource

25:00 – Dropshipping vs. Amazon?

26:20 – Beau’s best Amazon strategy

30:39 – Ways to sell on Amazon

35:32 – How to win the Amazon Buy Box

37:57 – How will COVID-19 change the Amazon business

Top Key Quotes

“If you look at people who are trying to start a business, everyone has 24h in a day but how much of those hours are wasted towards stuff that is not making you more money or getting to your goals?”

“I think people spend a lot of time thinking about themselves, what Is their long-term goal or the impact they are trying to make. Before starting it or before pursuing a lot of action, try to pick apart and see what could go wrong, not in a negative way but try to prove yourself that you’re not the smartest person in the room.”

“Give yourself a set period of time. Don’t let it be a month, give yourself six months or a year. Put your entire full focus on something you’re going to work on. If you come across problems, try to figure out is it because you’re not taking a lot of action because you’re not being smart enough or is it because you’re in the wrong business model.”

“ You always need to find holes in what you’re doing and try always to adapt it.There’s always a value until you create something on your own”

“People that are trying to run a business for a year, five or six years, I know a lot of people in network marketing for several years and are not making any money. I think a lot about self-reflection and at night I think about what are my long-term goals, what am I going to do tomorrow, what am I going to do next month or next four or five years. Give yourself enough time to think about long-term goals. If what you’re doing right now doesn’t fit for that long-term then you may need to reevaluate what you’re doing.”

“I actually don’t create my own brand on Amazon, I don’t dropship, I actually source from distributors. Think about Walmart or Target, big box stores or best buy, I practically do what they do. When you think of Best Buy, they sell thousands of thousands of products but they don’t own any of the brands. They source from the manufacturers, buy at a lower price and they sell retail at a higher price.”



Beau Crabill

Beau Crabill –  Beau Crabill’s Youtube Channel



Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill

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