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Digital Nomads

How To Start Your Own High-Ticket Coaching Business With Anri Davids | Ep.29

Filip Stankovski February 10, 2020

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Success was more than an ‘option’ for our special guest today, it was a necessity! We are honored to have Anri Davids on our podcast, the fellow remotepreneur that started his own online coaching business and managed to build the life he dreamed as a little fat kid from Holland.

He gives insights about becoming your superior self and achieving your dreams. From starting his dating coaching business to becoming partners with Gavin Dantez, Anri has had a whirlwind of success, including the ups and downs.

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Remotrepreneur’s Insights:

  • Don’t Believe Everything You See – We’ve all had moments of jealousy when we see people living their ‘best lives’ on social media. The truth is sadder than you think. Anri speaks the hard truth about ‘fake’ lives on Instagram.
  • How to Come from Point A to B – Follow somebody who’s achieved what you want to achieve and follow his guidance by taking step-by-step actions.
  • Give People Value – Spend time and energy on building/upgrading your skills. Market them, but be careful who you give them to.
  • Make an Impact With Your Passion – Follow what you love doing and make a difference in the world.

People that are real and raw are going to make it because people are starting to wake up.

Key Podcast Milestone:

02:50 – What happened to Anri when he met the Bold Brothers in Bali

05:37 – Gavin and Anri meet for the first time

07:30 – The beginning of the collaboration with Gavin

09:09 – The reason why Anri doesn’t want to live in Bali

11:45 – How people ‘fake’ their lives on social media

14:12 – The problem and the solution for ‘digital nomads’ that aren’t doing things right

17:08 – How to begin the process of change

21:14 – The first lesson Anri thought his dating clients

26:00 – How to commit to your goals

26:50 – Anri’s plans for Barcelona

27:48 – Anri’s ‘epiphany’ moments

32:55 – Anri’s lifestyle business

33:33 – What happens to influencer girls

37:18 – Anri’s interesting guest he hangs out with

40:30 – Anri explains his and Gavin’s course ‘Teach on Your Terms’

47:00 – Anri’s one-on-one sessions

48:55 – How can people start and enter the program

Top Key Quotes

“People that are real and raw are going to make it because people are starting to wake up.”

“I think we are the lost generation who can change because children now are growing up and don’t talk to their friends anymore. They are just Whatsaping, being socially-awkward. They won’t even have sex anymore, they will have sex with robots”

“When people come to us, find out what is your passion, what is your gift, how do you want to help people?”

“He was making money and wasn’t happy. I call that ‘golden handcuffs’. It’s the same when you have a 9 to 5 job, you make a lot of money, but you’re still not happy, you are not fulfilled.”

Connect on Social:

Anri Davids @anridavids

Host of Remotepreneurs Podcast @filipwill89

Remotepreneurs Podcast @remotepreneurs



Teach On Your Terms


‘The Way of the Superior Man’ – David Deida


Gavin Dantez @gavindantez

Connect on Social:

IG: @remotepreneurs

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