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Digital Nomads

How To Raise Money w Crowdfunding – Michel May & Misa Muto | ep. 2

Filip Stankovski June 17, 2019

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In this episode on the Remotepreneurs Podcast, we have the founders of Aizome Bedding, a Japanese bedding brand that managed to raise $127.000 from crowdfunding. Misa Muto comes from Japan and Michel May is from Germany but lived the last decade in Japan. Both of them were working in the Japanese corporate world until they discovered the world of remote work and became digital nomads. Raising money on crowdfunding helped them to launch their eco-friendly brand and bring it to the world.

If you ever wondered how to raise money for your business, than I suggest you to listen to the podcast and learn from our remotepreneurs crowdfunding experience:

Remotepreneur’s Insights:

  • Japanese working culture: Misa shares her thoughts about the working corporate culture in Japan as Japanese herself and Michel explains his perspective as foreigner that worked in the Japan’s corporate environment.
  • Aizome Bedding: Misa and Michel share why they started the eco-friendly bedding company and the health benefits of sleeping on a naturally dyed sheets.
  • Crowdfunding Experience: Both of them agreed that there’s no silver bullet for crowdfunding success but also share some simple applicable strategies that will help you to be more successful in raising money.
  • Hiring and Running Remote Teams: Misa and Michel share how they’re running their remote teams including outsourcing, offline recruiting, training and communicating.

Crowdfunding is fun – DO IT! It’s like a festival – only 10 times harder than you think!

Key Podcast Milestones:

[3:18] Misa Muto’s background

[4:08] Michel’s Muto background

[06:50] Japanese working culture

[09:11] Happiness vs Money?

[10:30] Japanese & German Working Stereotypes Busted

[17:23] Comparison between Remote Working & Corporate Cubicle Job

[21:40] Why they started Aizome Bedding

[27:07] Obsession to find eco-friendly way of dyeing bedding

[30:04] How crowdfunding works

[33:00] Raising $127,000 on Crowdfunding

[35:48] Health benefits of Aizome Bedding

[37:17] The future of Aizome Bedding

[38:28] Why pay premium to sleep on Aizome Bedding

[42:43] What to expect working for yourself remotely

[44:14] Building and running a remote team

[59:58] What’s needed to start working remotely

[1:03:48] How to train your remote team

[1:05:11] Thoughts about digital nomad’s lifestyle


 Top Key Quotes

“It was easier to start my own business than to convince 50 year old bosses that we can do things differently” – Michel

“Japanese workers are too busy to ask if they’re happy”

“In Japan there’s a schedule how many days you can take off in case you have death in your family”

“One of the best benefits from working remotely is that you can work from your bed” – Misa

“Crowdfunding is fun – DO IT! It’s like a festival – only 10 times harder than you think J”

“Crowdfunding is a great way to find your first customer and jump-start your business, but don’t expect to get rich of it”

“Crowdfunding is an advertising platform”

“There’s no silver bullet for crowdfunding success, you need to talk with everybody about the campaign”



Aizome Bedding Website

Aizome Bedding – Kickstarter campaign

Aizome Bedding – Indiegogo campaign

Discount for Remotepreneurs





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