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How To Improve Productivity Of Remote Teams Using Time Tracking Analytics with Liam Martin from Time Doctor | Ep 18

Filip Stankovski October 7, 2019

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In this episode on the Remotepreneurs Podcast, Filip will introduce us with Liam Martin and how he built his 8-figure business remotely. This remote-entrepreneur is the co-founder and CMO of TimeDoctor.com which is the #1 time tracking and productivity monitoring software for remote teams. His goal is to help individuals and organizations to be more productive when working remotely. Also Liam is a co-founder of Running Remote Conference and Staff.com.  

After graduating as a masters in Sociology from McGill University, Liam has opened a small tutoring company which grew to over 100 employees, and looked to solve a problem with remote employees not reporting accurate work data which turned into TimeDoctor.com & Staff.com. He consults on outsourcing and process design and is passionate about how to gain insights into the inner workings of how people work.

Liam’s company has over 1 million users with ~200k daily active users and has real data how you should run your remote team!

If you want to learn how to improve productivity of your remote team listen to this episode!

Remotepreneur’s Insights:

  • How to improve productivity of remote teams using time tracking analytics: Liam explains how analytics of Time Doctor helps over million users be more productive
  • Stats about Productivity: Liam reveals shocking stats about how USA remote workers are actually productive. On average, USA workers are productive only 2h45min per day from their 8 hour shift.
  • How to get in flow state: Liam shared a handful of steps, one of which was “having everything ready before you start the task”
  • Running Remote Conference APRIL 20-21, 2020 | AUSTIN – USA

We believe that everyone should be able to work wherever they want whenever they want

Key Podcast Milestones:

2:13 – Introduction with Liam

3:18 – Ability to work wherever and whenever you want

03:39 – How Liam come with idea Time Doctor 

04:40 – Tutoring business remotely 

06:40 – How to manage business remotely

8:13 – Time Doctor Stats

9:20 – What Time Doctor application does and how it works

12:39 – Difference between staff.com and timedoctor.com

14:12 – USA Workers productivity stats

17:23 – Importance of quality work

18:30 – What’s the point of working 

19:19 – How to create a good atmosphere to start working more effectively

22:10 – Why are you distracted 

23:40 – How can you defend yourself from distracting applications

26:22 – Keeping more people interested in your website

27:16 – Staying organised 

32:38 – How Liam started Running Remote Conference

39:24 – Origin is not obstacle to get what you want


 Top Key Quotes

“We believe that everyone should be able to work wherever they want whenever they want”

“The entire point of work is to be able to get back into flow state and be productive”

“If you can keep more people interested in your website for as long as possible you win the game at the end of the day”

“It doesn’t matter where you are from and who you know to get you the job, it’s are you the best person to get the job done!”


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Running Remote Conference


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Cal Newport – Deep Work 

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Filip Stankovski

I'm a top rated sales freelancer on Upwork and Level 2 Seller on Fiverr. I believe that the new entrepreneurs are remotepreneurs and the purpose of the podcast is to teach people how to adjust to the new future of doing business - REMOTELY!

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